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CMAX VEGGIES has the latest technology to grow the vegetable with the personalized nutrition to keep healthy

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We are specializing in offering the Personalized Nutrition Vegetable in Iskandar Puteri area at Johor Bahru. town. With experience of over 10 years, we have mastered the skills of offering the best solutions with the latest technologies.

Our Product

All Your Nutrition Needs at One Vegetable

High Iron Lettuce

High Iron Vegetable

Iron is more important to Women. Our Iron vegetable provide 20%-50% more Iron than normal vegetable.

High Zinc Vegetable

Zinc is the necessary nutrition for men. Eating our vegetable to get more Zinc daily. It can help Vegetarian to intake more Zinc through our vegetable

High Calcium Vegetable‚Äč

Senior Citizen need more Calcium to enhance bone formation. To have more calcium from vegetable is the purpose of CMAX VEGGIES.

To enjoy our vegetable

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To order in advance to have your own Vegetable to meet your nutrition requirement today.

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We Make Vegetable Special!

Meet Founder

Mr.Cheang Chuan Ley

10+ Years of experience
R&D Vegetable Nutrition
Hydroponics Farm Experience
+60-12 744 6577
Iskandar Puteri, Johor, Malaysia